A decentralized meme token to rule the Inu family

With 1 trillion tokens, 50% locked as liquidity, 20% reserved for COVID relief funds, 2.5% donated to our community, on-chain governance, CHICHI is on the fast track to become the first dog to set foot on the moon.

Come along with us on our journey!

Adopt some dogs, dawg

Not started yet

You missed out on the other Inu tokens, didn't you? Don't worry, now is your chance to collect some CHICHIs absolutely free!! For a short period, we're putting 2.5% of our total supply at the disposal of our community. Collecting CHICHI tokens is free and the total quantity of tokens you receive is determined by how much BNB you currently own. The more BNB, the more tokens.

Bonus: We will give an NFT to everyone who adopts our dogs when the collection is ready.

More on this will be released soon, but for now, know that this will be the first NFT collection to integrate the most promising NFT authenticity technology.


Minimum BNB balance: 1 BNB

You pay

0 BNB*

You receive

1.500.000 CHICHI



Pet Lover

Minimum BNB balance: 10 BNB

You pay

0 BNB*

You receive

15.000.000 CHICHI




Minimum BNB balance: 1000 BNB

You pay

0 BNB*

You receive

75.000.000 CHICHI


1 rare NFT

* Claiming CHICHI tokens is free, but you will have to pay gas fees for the transaction.

What can you do with the CHICHIs you will receive for free?

Anything, really. You can HODL, you can add them as liquidity, donate, use them for CHICHI Governance, etc. All we ask is that you treat them well :)

When does the adoption program start?

The CHICHI Adoption program starts at block number 14161113 , around January 7 2022.

When does the adoption program end?

The program ends in 1.276.362 blocks from the time of launch (approximately 1.5 months at a rate of 1 block every 3 seconds), and any unclaimed CHICHIs will be transferred to the CHICHI Inu Treasury , which will be administered by the CHICHI Inu Governance program.

Let's take the dogs out

Not started yet

We want to take our dogs on walks, but given the times we live in, it's not the best moment. However, if we work together, we can change this. Because of this, 20% of our total supply is reserved for COVID relief funds around the world. Our CHICHI COVID Relief Funds smart contract holds 20% of our entire supply, and tokens may be withdrawn only by authorized wallet addresses. Anyone can contribute to the list of authorized wallet addresses using our the CHICHI Governance program.

India COVID Relief Fund

Wallet address


Allocation CHICHI

Suggest a fund

When does the program start?

The CHICHI COVID Relief Funds program starts at block number 14161113 , around January 7 2022.

When does the program end?

The program ends in 31.536.002 blocks from the time of launch (approximately 3 years at a rate of 1 block every 3 seconds), and any unclaimed CHICHIs will be transferred to the CHICHI Inu Treasury , which will be administered by the CHICHI Inu Governance program.


Chichi Inu ($CHICHI) is a community-focused, decentralized meme token created on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. To ensure safety we had the $CHICHI token smart contract audited by one of the best companies in the field, SOLIDProof . The $CHICHI smart contract contains no potentially dangerous code (proof ), such as mint functions, and the total supply is fixed at $CHICHI.

Furthermore, the smart contract for the $CHICHI token is built using OpenZeppelin Contracts that have been audited by the community. More information about OpenZeppelin and the contracts can be found at the following link: OpenZeppelin Documentation .

In contrast to projects that are heavily focused on farming and liquidity pool acquisition, we attempt to eliminate messy price fluctuations to the greatest extent possible.


Token name
Token symbol
Total Supply
1 Trillion


  • 42%Presale
  • 22%Liquidity(locked for ~1 year)
  • 20%Donations
  • 2.5%Community
  • 12.5%Team
  • 1%Fees


Decentralized protocols are in constant evolution from the moment they are publicly released. Often, the initial team retains control of this evolution in the first stages, but eventually delegates it to a community of stakeholders. The process by which this community makes decisions is called on-chain governance, and it has become a central component of decentralized protocols, fueling varied decisions such as parameter tweaking, smart contract upgrades, integrations with other protocols, treasury management, grants, etc.

We believe that on-chain governance is a requirement for any decentralized meme token, and as such, we built governance support directly into the $CHICHI token .


Frequently asked questions

What is on-chain voting?

On chain voting refers to governance systems where individual votes are submitted as transactions, and recorded directly on the blockchain. Submitting on chain requires users to pay a transaction fee for each vote.

Smart contracts can be designed to execute proposals automatically based on the outcome of on chain votes, removing the need for a trusted third party or core team to enact vote results. Examples of on chain voting systems include MakerDAO, Aave, and protocols built on Compound's governance framework.

Benefits of on-chain voting

More secure than off-chain voting

No trusted third party required to count or enact votes

Passed proposals can be executed automatically

Works well for approving protocol changes or other high risk votes

How can you participate?

The easiest way would be through a decentralized application like Tally , but you can also interact with our smart contracts directly. Tally is a full-fledged application for user owned on-chain governance. It comprises a voting dashboard, proposal creation wizard, real time research and analysis, and educational content.

Mission preparation

Flipping the other Inus one at a time is the only way that we can get all of us to accomplish our goals.

1. Flip Kai Inu

4K Twitter followers / Market Cap: ?

2. Flip Shikoku Inu

7.6K Twitter followers / Market Cap: ?

3. Flip Akita Inu

28K Twitter followers / Market Cap: ?

4. Flip Hokkaido Inu

38.1K Twitter followers / Market Cap: ?

5. Flip Kishu Inu

242.7K Twitter followers / Market Cap: $ 459 mil

6. Flip Shiba Inu

1.7M Twitter followers / Market Cap: $ 28.8 bln


Meet our partners, with whom we have worked on KYC, smart contract security audits, and pre-sale.

Get involved

A token is as strong as the community behind it, so the more we are the easier is for all of us to accomplish our mission.

Spread the word, join our team, or take part in the governance program; we could use all the support we can get.

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